Visitations Update 25 May 2020

Visitations Update 25 May 2020

25 May 20

Due to the decreased risk posed by declining numbers of community coronavirus transmissions we have now moved to Stage 2 of our visitation    de-escalation plan at all of our homes in Tasmania and Victoria. We are pleased to advise that residents can now receive 1 x 2hour visit per week. At this 1 visit per week the resident will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 visitors.

At this stage we envisage being able to move to Stage 3 from Monday 1st June onwards, which will see all residents at Respect homes able to receive 1 x 2hour visit per day. At this 1 visit per day, the resident will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 visitors.

How to Book a Visit:

  • Call the home of your loved one and you will be given a code and instructions on how to make a booking through our website using that code.
  • Once in the booking system you will be taken through a series of educational videos and you will also be asked to declare that you have had an up to date influenza vaccination.

Visitors, once on site, will be asked to:

  • complete a risk-based questionnaire regarding recent travel and activities;
  • have their temperature taken;
  • be supervised on entry to ensure proper hand sanitisation;
  • maintain social distancing from their loved one of 1.5 meters throughout the duration of their visit;
  • only visit their loved one in their room and with no access to public or communal areas, or to visit other residents; and
  • wear personal protective equipment if deemed necessary in the future depending on the circumstances.

There remains in place the capacity to visit the site under exceptional circumstances such as end of life care or when asked by the facility to provide support to a resident who is distressed.

Visits are required to be conducted between 9am to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday, but will be considered in the situation of a resident receiving end of life care with flexibility in this regard applied on a case by case basis. Visitors who don’t comply with these conditions of entry and/or who do not follow the directions of staff will be asked to leave and refused further entry. Whilst we don’t want to be punitive, we must strictly adhere to these measures to ensure the safety of residents and staff.

Please be mindful however that we will continue to experience localised outbreaks in the future and we will respond accordingly with individual facility lockdowns moving forward as the situation demands.