Visitations Update 24 June 2020

Visitations Update 24 June 2020

1 July 20

Visitations Update – Further Easing of Restrictions in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Director of Public Health on Monday released Public Health Directive number eight which has removed further restrictions in relation to aged care facilities in Tasmania. We are pleased to advise of further easing of visitation restrictions at all Tasmanian Respect aged care homes and have updated our booking system to reflect these changes, which essentially include;

  • Up to two people per visit (during admin hours and weekends), and multiple visits allowed in one day, subject to Respect policy;
  • Persons under the age of 16 will be allowed to visit an aged care facility (also requires up to date influenza vaccine);
  • Visiting services such as hairdressers and allied health professionals will be able to attend a facility; and
  • Residents will be allowed to leave the facility, for example with friends and family.

These new restrictions only apply to our Tasmanian facilities, with previously advised restrictions on visitations in Victoria still remain in place.

The first step when booking a visit is to contact the home of your loved one and you will be given a code and instructions on how to make a booking through the website. We will continue to manage visits using our online booking system Once in the booking system you will be taken through a series of educational videos and you will also be asked to declare that you have had an up to date influenza vaccination.

Visitors, once on site, will be asked to:
• complete a risk-based questionnaire regarding recent travel and activities;
• have their temperature taken;
• be supervised on entry to ensure proper hand sanitisation;
• maintain social distancing from their loved one of 1.5 meters throughout the duration of their visit;
• only visit their loved one in their room and with no access to public or communal areas, or to visit other residents; and
• wear personal protective equipment if deemed necessary in the future depending on the circumstances.

Please be mindful however that we will continue to experience localised outbreaks in the future and we will respond accordingly with individual facility lockdowns moving forward as the situation demands.