Victorian Homes Open to Visits

Victorian Homes Open to Visits

27 October 21

The Care Facilities Directions will change from 6pm Friday 29 October 2021, and as a result all Respect homes in Victoria will be open to visitations. Key changes will include:

  • Visits will no longer be limited to specified reasons
  • Each resident is allowed up to five visitors per day
  • Visitors are not required to be vaccinated while it is strongly encouraged and recommended
  • Where visitors are not fully vaccinated, all visits should occur either outdoors or in the resident’s own room(s). Unvaccinated visitors should not remain in common areas.

The Directions continue to retain requirements that support safe visits including excluding people who are unwell, requirements to wear masks, check in and make a declaration.

As with all Victorians, aged care visitors are strongly recommended to be vaccinated. This is in line with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) recommendations which strongly encourages all visitors, aged 12 and over, to aged care facilities be vaccinated.

To view all of the implications of the changes, including tips for safe visiting and excluded visitors, please go to