Victorian Care Facility Directions Update

Victorian Care Facility Directions Update

30 September 20

Due to the announcement yesterday from the Victorian Premier, unfortunately the visitation changes that we outlined this week must be reversed. Under the updated Victorian Care Facility Directions:

  • Residents are limited to 1 visitor once per day for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Where a resident needs physical support (eg help with feeding) or emotional support (eg for cognitive decline) they may have 1 visitor at a time but there is no limit on duration.
  • For end of life (defined as expected within next 14 days) they may have 2 visitors at any one time (note – it is the 14 days that counts, not the degenerative condition leading to end of life).

While we would love to allow our residents to have multiple visitors at a time, unfortunately we are governed by the Victorian government directions. We can understand your frustrations, but we can also appreciate that these decisions are made with the intention of keeping our residents safe. Our visitation policy will be updated to include increased visitors as soon as the government determines that it is safe to do so.