Michael Griffin

Michael is responsible for driving the marketing strategy of the business, including everything from the research stage through to execution. His approach focuses on utilising data and customer insights to guide the marketing direction. He has a wide variety of experience in both traditional marketing communications and also digital marketing applications. Prior to joining Respect, Michael performed various marketing and business development roles with Federal Group and Fosters Group in Tasmania.

Amy Sheahen

Amy ensures compliance with financial legislative requirements, ensures the organisation is performing to budget and forecasts and performs numerous management accounting tasks for analysis and performance improvement. Previously Amy has worked in a number of accounting firms in general accounting and audit.

Nick Adams

Nick ensures compliance with human resources and workplace relations legislative requirements as well as being the lead in industrial relations issues. Previously Nick managed the human resources and workplace relations consulting services provided by the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Immediately before that, he was engaged as a workplace relations consultant, providing consulting services to Tasmanian employers.

Brett Menzies

Brett has been a catalyst in the effective operation of Respect’s aged care homes through the implementation of robust clinical systems, structures and processes that provide strong compliance across the organisation.

Jason Binder

Jason has significant experience in general management and leadership as well as specialisations in finance, workplace relations and information technology. He, and the executive team, have performed many significant company turnarounds and are experienced in both organic, and merger and amalgamation growth, including successful company acquisitions and consolidations.

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