Bill Schack

Bill Schack

100, Alcheringa

I’ve got 5 sisters, they’re lovely – very, very lovely. I’m a lucky boy, very good family. My Mum and Dad were old pioneers. I’m nearly 101. I didn’t get my letter from the Queen yet, I don’t know why. Everyone was saying about it but I didn’t really mind that much. Dad broke his leg when I was younger. He broke it three times, twice when we were on the farm, which left a lot for me to do. And I wasn’t very old – I left school when I was 13 – and I wasn’t very strong at the time but I soon learnt. I had to do a lot of things, carrying wheat and that sort of things. Dad was a lovely man – his nature – just such a lovely man. He never bossed us kids. He was so kind. Didn’t drink of course and I’m not condemning anyone and anything they do.  Actually both mum and dad didn’t drink. I’ve only had one drink in my life!

My wife, Jean, we went to school together. I thought she was nice when we went to school. We’d gone all through school together but I started to really notice her when I was about 13. We sort of followed around with the desks, handing all the stuff under the seats, until we got caught! We lost a month’s play! The teacher was very annoyed at us! We used to write and pass along all sorts, a bit of work, a bit of fun. I think the teacher guessed what we were doing. Or he probably got hold of some of the notes and things I reckon, because he knew more than we thought he knew! School fun, hey!

I used to be a farmer, farming wheat and sheep. In our little town I was really a leader all the time. Trying to do things and go as a member to meetings and all those sort of things. I’ve had a busy life, running around the RSL. I found if you started ramming things down people’s necks, they’d leave you cold. You’ve got to be very careful in this world, nowadays. I think people now need to be less smart and more community minded.

I feel now I’m missing too much of life, you’ve got to get around and help people and do things. It’s more important than being stuck in the one spot like I am now.