Entering a retirement village can present a significant lifestyle change for some people and may seem complicated.

So before becoming a Respect resident, it is important you and your loved ones make the best decisions regarding your new home. For prospective residents, we’ve detailed the key steps involved to assist in planning and help answer any related questions.

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Determine Eligibility

To determine if you’re eligible for a unit in one of our Retirement Villages, or an Independent Living Unit, there are some basic requirements that you will need to meet.

You must be aged 55 years or older and not be working full time to be able to live with us.


Find the right village

Deciding which Retirement Village is right for you depends a lot on personal preference. As each individual will have specific requirements, our villages offer something for everyone and aim to be as accommodating as possible.

We recommend you visit a Respect Retirement Village in person to tour the facility and speak with residents and members of staff. This provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the type of support and activities we can offer you.

To book a tour, find your nearest Respect village click here.


Understand costs

The amount you pay for a unit in a retirement village is different from a typical residential property purchase. You are paying for the right to occupy a unit which is ultimately a lifestyle choice, and not a financial investment. For a better understanding of this, we suggest seeking proper financial advice ahead of time. Some of the costs of living in a retirement village include:

prices vary for 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units
daily maintenance fees are charged and cover many of the costs associated with shared facilities.
Deferred Management Fees (DMF) are payable as well as refurbishment and selling costs upon departure
optional, if you choose to access these additional services.

Submit an expression of interest

If you’re ready to become a resident, you should first arrange a tour of the village, to look at potential units, view the shared facilities and meet other residents.

At this stage you will be provided with a copy of the Contract, the Disclosure Statement and the Fact Sheet. These documents all provide vital information that you will need to understand to make your entry into the village as smooth as possible.

We recommend that you get expert financial and legal advice so that you completely understand your obligations.



As soon as we’ve determined we can meet your needs and have a suitable vacancy, we will notify you with an offer of residence and a move in date.

If there are no immediate vacancies we will inform you once a space becomes free.

If there is a unit immediately available for you, once we have received confirmation of settlement you will be free to move in upon receipt of your signed contract.


Still have questions?

Our caring team is available to assist you at any point throughout the admission process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Additional information, tools and resources regarding retirement living can also be accessed through the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.