Oldest living Tasmanian celebrates another milestone

Oldest living Tasmanian celebrates another milestone

4 January 18

New Year’s Eve was a double celebration at St Ann’s with Irene Martin celebrating her 107th Birthday.

St Ann’s resident Irene Martin celebrated her 107th birthday on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by a large group of family and friends.  The caring staff at St Ann’s organised an afternoon tea to mark the occasion complete with cake, flowers and balloons.

Irene (nee King) was born in Hobart on the 31st December 1910 and is the youngest of 11 children. She married Don McArthur in 1928 and the couple had 2 children (both boys), 5 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.  She lost her first husband in 1981 and 10 years later married Roy Martin at the age of 80, in a marriage that lasted 11 years until Roy passed away in 2000.

Irene has lived in Hobart for her entire life, spending much of her time caring for her family and running various grocery stores in the local area.  Her mother-in-law owned the Trocadero Café in Elizabeth St where Irene worked for a long time and had a reputation as an extremely hard worker who was very efficient and meticulous.

At 90 years of age she got her first taste of overseas travel when she visited New Zealand and enjoyed a coach tour around the north and south islands.  One of the highlights was a day cruise around Lake Wakatipu on the iconic steamship, the TSS Earnslaw.  The company was offering free cruises to anybody who was older than the ship and luckily for Irene she qualified by 1 month!

Irene is fiercely independent and lived in her own home until the age of 101.  She made the decision that it was time that she let somebody take care of her and thought that she would like to move into an aged care facility.  After touring all of the local homes in Hobart Irene decided that the Resect Aged Care facility at St Ann’s would be a lovely place to spend her days.  She spends her time enjoying a peaceful life at St Ann’s and Barbara visits regularly to play cards and socialise.

“Irene’s daughter-in-law Barbara McArthur has credited her longevity to a combination of hard work, sheer determination and a very strong heart. “

A huge thank you to the team at St Ann’s who went out of their way to organise the special birthday celebrations and created such a memorable occasion for Irene, her family and the many residents that enjoyed the day.