Lockdown of Victorian Homes

Lockdown of Victorian Homes

13 July 20

Due to the escalating Coronavirus risk in Victoria, as from today all Respect homes in Victoria will be in precautionary lockdown. This means that there will be no visitations allowed, except on compassionate grounds.

We understand this may cause frustration in some instances, however, we believe this is the best method of mitigating the risk to our residents. We know the Coronavirus is particularly dangerous to older people, and can easily be spread through community transmission. It is critical we take every possible step to avoid exposure in Victoria and for this reason we have deemed the risk too high to allow visitations in our Victorian homes.

We understand some family members would appreciate more notice of the lockdowns, however, this would encourage a rush of family and loved ones entering the homes prior to the lockdown being implemented, increasing the risk to residents. Loved ones can be contacted by telephone and video chat facilities if they wish to do so. If you would like to speak with your loved one by video chat, please don’t hesitate to contact the home your loved one resides in so this can be arranged.

We do not currently have any cases of Coronavirus at any home, and the lockdown is only precautionary due to the increasing risk in Victoria. This difficult decision will be reviewed next Monday, where we will provide further updates.

This does not affect our homes in other states.