Further Easing of Restrictions for Victorian Homes

Further Easing of Restrictions for Victorian Homes

28 September 20

Due to the continuing improvement of the coronavirus situation in Victoria, we are pleased to announce the further easing of restrictions for our aged care homes in Victoria. From Tuesday 29th September a number of new initiatives will be introduced.

Residents will now be permitted to have up to 2 visitors per day. If there are 2 visitors they must attend at the same time, and book via the Respect visitor booking system (  During the visit they must remain in the resident’s room, wear a mask and abide by social distancing rules. Please note that a current influenza vaccination is not a requirement for Victorian visitation.

Residents will now be permitted to enter the community for outings such as shopping, provided they are wearing an appropriate mask. Due to social distancing requirements we are still not in a position to recommence bus trip outings or large group activities, and all of our staff and residents continue to adhere to density regulations. We have also removed the requirement for residents to quarantine upon returning from hospital or appointments (if the appointments are in Regional Victoria), as well as for new admissions (Respite or Permanent) if from Regional Victoria.

We do not currently have any cases of coronavirus at any home, and will continue to closely monitor the situation and make changes to visitation as necessary. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Victorian family and friends for your understanding and patience during this time. Thank you for playing your part in helping to keep our residents safe.