End to Southern Tasmania Lockdown

End to Southern Tasmania Lockdown

22 October 21

We are pleased to advise that the restrictions on visits to aged care in Southern Tasmania will be lifted after 6pm Friday 22 October. After this time, aged care visit limitations will revert to restrictions in place prior to the lockdown being announced. In Tasmania, visits to residential aged care facilities are permitted for people providing care and support, with the following restrictions:

  • Visitors must not have any symptoms, even if mild, of COVID-19, including fever (a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees), symptoms of fever (chills, night sweats), cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell. Unless an exemption has been granted by the facility in relation to end-of-life care.
  • People who are subject to quarantine must not visit a residential aged care facility unless an exemption has been granted. That means they must not have:
    • been in an area or premises identified as medium or high-riskfor COVID-19 in the previous 14 days
    • had contact with anyone known to have COVID-19, or reasonably suspected of having COVID-19, within the previous 14 days (except as part of their employment while wearing effective personal protective equipment).
  • Operators of aged care facilities must screen all people (except people attending for emergency medical (including transport), or emergency management reasons), or those granted an exemption for end-of-life care) before they enter the premises. See the Staff/Visitor Screening Tool for Residential Care Services

If visits are being carried out in communal areas, it is important that a physical distance of 1.5 metres be maintained between people whenever possible.

Influenza vaccine is strongly encouraged for anyone who spends time in residential aged care facilities.

Children under the age of 16 years as well as visiting services such as hairdressers and allied health professionals may visit aged care facilities.

Residents may leave the facility, for example with family and friends.

We do not currently have any cases of coronavirus at any home, and will continue to closely monitor the situation and make changes to visitations as necessary.

This does not affect our homes in other states. To stay up to date, you can visit