Booking Visits Under Exceptional Circumstances

Visitation will be allowed in the circumstance that your loved one is receiving end of life care, or is at risk of sadness and depression due to missing family and/or social isolation which cannot be compensated for through other methods.

We understand family and friends may be anxious, but visitation is for anxious residents rather than anxious family or friends. The decision to allow entry based on this category will be made by Respect following an assessment of need versus potential risk.

Visitors who wish to see their loved one in these exceptional circumstances will need to book through Brett Menzies on 0408 562 498 or at

Visitors will still be required to;

Visits will be limited to 30 minutes and be required to be conducted between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, but will be considered in the situation of a resident receiving end of life care with flexibility in this regard applied on a case by case basis.

Visitors who don’t comply with these conditions of entry and/or who do not follow the directions of staff will be asked to leave and refused further entry. Whilst we don’t want to be punitive, we must strictly adhere to these measures to ensure the safety of residents and staff.