St John’s becomes part of Respect

3 January 19

We are excited to announce an addition to our aged care homes – St John’s Village, a non-profit aged care provider in Wangaratta.

St John’s Village comprises of a 146 bed aged care home and a 153 unit retirement village. It is an Anglican based organisation that has been providing care to the elderly of Wangaratta since 1966.

Respect Aged Care will take over on 14 January 2019. We are looking forward to building on the great work of the current operator and management, to make St John’s Village an even better place for the elderly people of Wangaratta.

Respect Aged Care now has 10 aged care homes, two retirement villages and 1100 employees.

Our aged care homes are:
• Alcheringa (Swan Hill, Victoria)
• Coates (St Arnaud, Victoria)
• Cohuna Village (Cohuna, Victoria)
• Coroneagh Park (Penguin, Tasmania)
• Eliza Purton Home (Ulverstone, Tasmania)
• Pyramid Hill Aged Care Home (Pyramid Hill, Victoria)
• St Ann’s (Hobart, Tasmania)
• St John’s (Wangaratta, Victoria)
• Tyler Village (Launceston, Tasmania)
• Wellington Views (Old Beach, Tasmania)

We are proud that we’re able to continue the vision and mission first established by Billy Purton and the founders of our homes to provide care for the elderly in our communities. The addition of St John’s Village to Respect Aged Care enables us to expand this vision and mission into another community and provides additional strength and resources to our organisation.

It is our reputation for high quality care for our residents that has enabled us to grow and progress. This cannot be done without our staff, who we regard as exceptional people who do an amazing job at caring for our residents. We’d like to thank our staff for the work they do, and we look forward to applying the high standards of care they set at St John’s in Wangaratta.