• What is aged care?

    Aged care is the daily living and nursing care services for older Australians who either need help at home or can no longer operate independently. These services include both home care and residential care services. Respect provides the latter in the form of nursing homes, or aged care homes.

  • How are aged care homes managed?

    Aged care homes are owned and run by people who are approved by the Australian Government to care for you. The aged care system in Australia works to ensure that older people can receive support and quality care when they need it.

  • What kind of aged care provider is Respect?

    Respect is a not for profit organisation that operates as a charity. This means our prices and costs remain as affordable as possible and all of our resources are reinvested back into the services we provide.

  • Is there 24/7 care?

    Our team of staff are available any time of day to offer residents the care they require as well as respond immediately to any emergency. We work hard to ensure peace of mind every single day.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Pets are a welcome part of the Respect family. We understand the role animals play in the lives of people and the bonds they provide. Decisions regarding animals housed on-site are based on the understanding that residents’ well-being will be affected in a positive way. Any animals who live at a home must have a care plan which sets out responsibilities regarding feeding, grooming and vaccinations.

  • Can I keep my current doctor?

    Ideally, a resident’s own doctor will be able to continue to provide care following admission. If the preferred doctor is unable to continue to provide medical care, then we can provide a list of visiting doctors.

  • Can visitors stay with me?

    We encourage family and friends to visit anytime, as a Respect home is your home. It is important for residents to maintain regular contact with loved ones. Staff are on hand to assist any resident who have difficulty with oral or written communication. Car parking is available, while the front area is reserved for pick-up or drop-off and emergency vehicles.

  • Do you provide dementia care?

    We have a team of specialists in the field of dementia who understand the specific needs and requirements of people living with dementia. They’re able to provide the necessary emotional support, as we understand the impact dementia can have.

  • Still have questions?

    For further information on aged care, visit the: Australian Government Department of Heath Aging and Aged Care