Entering Aged Care: Checklist

12 July 18

Entering aged care can be a time of stress for some people, here is a useful checklist of things to consider before you make the move.

The Department of Health has recently released a comprehensive booklet called ‘Steps to enter an aged care home’ that is designed for senior Australians, their families and carers, to help guide them through the process of accessing care in an aged care home. One of the more useful components of the booklet is the following checklist of things to do before you move in to an aged care facility:

Checklist – Prepare to move
Once you have been offered a place in an aged care home, use this list to check who you should let know about your move.

Family and friends
• your family and friends, carer/s and neighbours

Health professionals
• your doctor/GP
> if you need to change doctors, ask to have your medical history sent to your new doctor
> make a note of your current medical treatments and medication so you can discuss this with your new aged care home as part of your care plan
• other health professionals you see regularly e.g. specialists, dentist, etc
• your community nurse
• your pharmacist

Help at home support
• your gardener or lawn mowing person
• your cleaner or home help
• Meals on Wheels and other support services
• your home care package provider

Government departments and agencies
• Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) – 1800 555 254
• Department of Human Services (DHS) – 132 300
• Australian Taxation Office – 132 861
• Medicare – 132 011
• your local office of the Australian Electoral Commission
• your local roads and transport authority (for your driver’s licence)
• your local post office
• your local council.

Finances and insurance
• your health insurance company
• your superannuation company
• your bank, building society or credit union

• utilities such as phone, gas, electricity and water
• other aged care homes you’ve applied to, if you no longer wish to move there (although you might choose to keep your application open if you’re still interested)

The entire booklet can be downloaded here: