Diary of a Resident: Beryl

28 March 18

The residents at Respect still lead active and fulfilling lives, with a wide variety of activities and events on offer.  Take a look at a week in the life of one of our residents, Beryl.

MONDAY: I do look forward to Mondays, that’s when we have the colouring class in the activities room.  There’s something soothing about colouring in with pencils, I especially like it when we get to the use watercolours. Reminds me of when I was a child at school.  I was good at art at school, but not maths – hated it.  It’s funny because I was a book keeper for Reg’s mechanic business for most of my life! I never had any trouble balancing the books.  Janine in the kitchen did up a lovely casserole tonight for dinner, it was pretty good. I’ll have to give her my recipe for lamb casserole, everybody used to rave about my lamb casserole.

TUESDAY: Today we had an Elvis impersonator come in to perform. Well, he didn’t look much like Elvis but boy he had a voice on him!  If I closed my eyes it took me back to my younger days listening to “The King” on the wireless.  I had all of his records. I wished he got to tour Australia when he was alive, I heard that his manager Colonel Parker wouldn’t let him. What a shame. He was a real star. Not like that stuff my grandkids are into today, with their hippity hoppity rapping music.

WEDNESDAY:  Wednesday is Bingo day, and I love bingo.  Me and the girls play every week, there’s a table of 6 of us and one of always wins something. Irene is the luckiest, always seems to win the choccies!  I’ve known Irene since we were both girls, we went to the same primary school all those years ago.  Hadn’t seen her for 50 years and then when I came here she was the first person I met.  Small world, Tasmania! It’s nice to be surrounded by friends here.

THURSDAY: Today I had a check-up with the doctor, he comes around every few months to see me. Good news, he reckons I’m doing well.  I was getting pretty sick at home and it was getting a bit tough on the girls to be looking after me all the time – they’ve got their own families to worry about now and it was getting too much. So that why I decided to come here.  Best decision I ever made, although I didn’t think so at the time.  But now I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. I went to the church service today, the chapel is such a lovely place.  We had Chow Mein for dinner tonight to celebrate Chinese New Year.  There used to be a lovely Chinese place just near our house, Reg and I would go there as a treat. They made the best lemon chicken.

FRIDAY:  Friday is quiz day.  My memory’s not what it was but I still do pretty well for an old girl.  I love doing crosswords so that helps keep the mind active.  I tried doing the Sudoku thing in the paper but like I said, I never really liked numbers!  Happy hour is at 4 today, we love to get together and have a glass of wine or a gin.  It was Mavis’ birthday so we had a special bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

SATURDAY:  Today we did some cooking, scones – my favourite.  I remember my grandmother teaching me her secrets to making the perfect scone when I was little.  The trick is to keep everything cold, use ice water and try not to touch the mixture.  Scones don’t like warm hands!  My scones were famous around our town. Always used to sell out first at the church cake sales and I always used to win a ribbon at the show.  I’ll keep some of this batch for tomorrow because I’m going to visit the family for nice outing and they love my scones.

SUNDAY: Today I went to my son Roger’s place for his 50th birthday party.  The girls helped get my favourite dress ready and I got my hair done especially.  I loved seeing all of the family, I’ve got 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  It was a really special day, but now I’m tired.  I think I’ll have dinner in my room so that I can get an early night. The staff here are good like that, nothing’s ever too much trouble.