Diary of a Resident: Ken

4 February 18

The residents at Respect still lead active and fulfilling lives, with a wide variety of activities and events on offer.  Take a look at a week in the life of one of our residents, Ken.

MONDAY: I always look forward to Mondays because that’s when Christine comes to visit.  She’s my eldest daughter. I’ve got 3 kids, they all live around here.  The others try to visit when they can, but Christine’s retired now so she comes in every Monday.  The café here is open every Monday so she comes in for lunch and we have a good chat.  Today I had a lovely meat pie, and we shared some scones with jam and cream.  They were pretty tasty but not as nice as my Joan used to make…but no one’s scones are as good as Joan’s.  She won the ribbon at the show for best scones 6 years in a row.

TUESDAY: I had a bit on today.  This morning I went to Music – there’s a lovely lady named Stephanie that takes it.  I like her.  Then we had morning tea because it was Shirley’s 90th birthday.  After lunch we had a visit from a couple of lads from Bunnings to help out with the garden.  We’ve got a section of the garden that me and a few of the other fellas are going to spruce up.  I planted some irises, they were my Joan’s favourites. I think I’ll enjoy helping them grow, gives me something to look forward to. I was going to go to art class in the afternoon, but was a bit worn out so gave that a miss today.  We had a nice lasagne for dinner.

WEDNESDAY: Feeling better after a good night’s sleep and a bit of a lie in.  I didn’t make it out to breakfast this morning, so the staff brought it to me in my room.  They’re good like that.  Nothing’s ever too much trouble.  I went to exercise class this morning, I certainly enjoy that.  I’ve got a bit of arthritis in my knee from playing footy when I was younger, so keeping active is good for that.  The physio came in today so I got her to check the knee for me.  She reckons apart from the knee I’m as fit as a mallee bull. Tonight was a roast for dinner – yum.

THURSDAY: Today a group of us went out to the pub for lunch.  They quite often organise a bus and we all have a nice day out.  I had a roast of the day, which was pretty good value – vegies weren’t cooked enough for my liking. I had a game of keno and won $20, so it was a free day out for me!

FRIDAY: The dog comes to visit on Friday, he’s a beauty.  A black lab, just like I had a few years back.  He wanders around checking in on everybody.  I take him for a walk around and usually slip him a couple of treats when no one’s looking.  The other residents love him, you should see their eyes light up when he comes in. A lot of us miss our pets, so visits from the Delta Dogs are great.  Then we had bingo in the afternoon.  I came second, won a box of Roses!  The footy was on tonight, it was Pies and Carlton so Rex and I watched that together. I’ve been a Collingwood member since I was a teenager.  I went to the 1958 VFL grand final, when no one gave the Pies a chance.  It was a ripper game, bit wet but the mighty magpies got up over Melbourne.  The Pies got a win tonight…now Rex owes me a bottle of red.  It’s been a good day.

SATURDAY: Today my son Robert came to get me and I had a day out with him and his family.  It was my great granddaughter Mia’s birthday so we went to the park and had a bbq.  It was nice to see all of the family.  I’ve got 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  I can remember most of their names – not bad for a fella my age.  I was knackered when I got home though, so just had dinner in my room.

SUNDAY:  Sundays are usually a pretty relaxing day.  Church in the morning.  I’ve always gone to church on Sundays, so it’s good that the Father James comes in to do the service here.  He’s a lovely fellow.  I spent the afternoon in the library reading a book about robots.  It’s important to keep learning new things, they reckon soon we’ll have robots doing everything for us… although I’m not sure about that.