Battling the Heat in Aged Care

3 January 19

As the mercury rises during the Australian summer, aged care facilities must take special precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents.

The staff at Respect facilities do a great job every year to ensure that our residents are well looked after during these often trying conditions. They monitor all residents closely to check for any signs of discomfort and there are large number of protocols which are put into place during days of extreme heat. The physical environments are closely monitored and controlled to ensure that as much heat as possible is kept out. Here are some of the other measures that we put in place during hot days:

– monitor entry/exit points to ensure that residents stay indoors

– offer small amounts of fluids at regular intervals

– avoid serving caffeinated beverages

– provide residents with small meals

– offer tepid showers or sponging


The kitchen staff also have an important role to play, ensuring a good supply of suitable drinks, ice, frozen treats and fruit are available for residents, as well as adapting the menus to ensure they are suitable and appetising on days of extreme heat. Staff on the units are also kept busy ensuring that water coolers are kept well stocked and that residents are regularly offered cool drinks and ice. Visitors are advised to visit during the cooler parts of the day, as resident movement and increased activity is kept to a minimum to reduce the risks.

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