About Us

Our Story

We were founded as a retreat for the elderly, providing retirees or those approaching retirement with a place to relax and enjoy an independent, active, and social lifestyle. Long serving as one of Tasmania’s most comprehensive aged care providers, our previous name – Island Care, represented the last 50 years of our heritage.

A New Name in Aged Care

As we expand our presence and take the next step in our evolution, our updated identity signals where we see aged care today and in the future. By becoming Respect, our name reflects more than ever the core values shared by all of our staff and residents. What’s remained unchanged is our dedication to providing a safe, secure and supportive environment for our residents with an unbridled commitment to providing a better quality of life.

Our History

  • September,2017


    Island care is rebranded as Respect Aged Care.


    Cohuna Village joins Respect

    Cohuna Village, a not-for-profit aged care home in Cohuna, Victoria joins Respect bringing the organisation to nine aged care homes, more than 600 residents and more than 900 employees.

  • August,2016

    St Ann’s joins Respect

    St Ann’s, a long standing and respected not-for-profit aged care provider, joins Respect; adding the St Ann’s Hobart and Wellington Views to the group.

  • August,2014

    Victorian Expansion

    Island Care takes over the Alcheringa Group, a non-profit aged care organisation in Victoria.

  • May,2006

    Tyler Village

    Island Care adds Tyler Village in Launceston, which was purchased from Retirement Care Australia. This brought ownership back to Tasmania in the hands of a not-for-profit management group.

  • December,1995


    Coroneagh Park is added in Penguin, marking Island Care’s first expansion.


    Northwest Expansion

    A successful application is made for community care packages in the Northwest coast of Tasmania.


    Expand Our Wings

    Additional wings are added at Eliza Purton Home.

  • February,1964


    Eliza Purton Home is founded. William Purton donates the land and the residence is named after his mother, Eliza.


Our Values

Throughout our 50-year history, we’ve provided Tasmanians with the best possible residential care. Our mission has been to provide innovative, integrated and individualised community health solutions. We strive to be progressive and innovative leaders in the health industry – somewhere people will enjoy living and be proud to work.

Our name reflects more than ever the core values shared by all of our staff and residents. They are:


  • Treat all people with fairness and dignity
  • Appreciate the opinions and acknowledge different views
  • Dress, act and behave professionally


  • Don’t gossip or undermine
  • Stay committed and be reliable
  • Adhere to our code of conduct


  • Celebrate openness and diversity
  • Display compassion
  • Be team players


  • Open, transparent and truthful communications
  • Fair and sincere when dealing with others

Our Team

Within each Respect home is a diverse team of managers, nurses and expert care staff. Integral to this mix of caregivers is the additional support provided by the many dedicated volunteers and fundraisers. All of our warm and friendly staff are passionate about providing residents with the quality of care they deserve, every single day.

We also strive to promote a genuine rapport between staff and residents. That’s because we’re more than an aged care organisation – we’re a family. And we want all of our residents to feel as comfortable and at home as possible.


Jason Binder

Managing Director

Respect to me is treating people as equal and individual human beings. Aged persons are not an inconvenience to society and they deserve to be valued.

Brett Menzies

Chief Operating Officer

Many years ago when deciding what to do with my life I decided to take a year out and volunteer looking after people with Multiple Sclerosis. It was this experience which galvanized within me the deep belief that everyone, regardless of ability, age and capacity deserves fundamental respect as another human being.

Nick Adams

Human Resources Manager

Respect means to treat others with fairness and dignity, to celebrate diversity and acknowledge different views.

Amy Sheahen

Finance Manager

Respect is understanding that we’re part of a wider community. When we feel we belong, treating each other with love and dignity comes easily. Because without care, there can be no community.

Michael Roberts

ICT Manager

Respect is something we need to show to all and is demonstrated through our actions. Everything we do and say to others makes a statement about our regard for them. When we are genuine and caring we will be thought of as showing respect.

Bronwyn Menzies

General Manager
Eliza Purton

Respect is taking people for what they are, and treating others with the same care that I give to myself or someone I love.

Sarah Chong

General Manager
Tyler Village

Respect to me is - to care, to be compassionate and to be kind to all.

Sheila Joss

Village Manager

Respect to me means to recognize a person for their individuality and uniqueness, accepting their values and beliefs and admiring their accomplishments. As an aged care worker I endeavor to show respect to our clients by supporting them to maintain their independence, values and beliefs and enabling them to enjoy their life as much as possible.

Pauline Torney

General Manager

Respect is honouring the wishes of others with empathy, compassion and understanding. Treat people how you would like to be treated. As well as respecting others, it is also important to gain and have respect for oneself and the environment surrounding us which includes my workplace of Residential Care. Respect – a home to feel safe, comfortable, happy and supported.

Jane Snell

General Manager

From a very young age, my parents reminded me that “you must respect others, especially your elders”. When I reflect on this, the following words come to my attention - feelings, politeness, values, and being treated fairly. Respect is thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their wellbeing. As professionals delivering care to ageing people, I believe that being guided by and showing respect is very important in maintaining good working relationships with residents, families and staff. Respect ultimately shapes who we are.

Cristie Gall

General Manager
Pyramid Hill

Respect to me means to have a high regard for yourself and for the people around you. At Pyramid Hill the Environment is calm and the atmosphere is inviting for residents and families. We try to make them feel as though they are in their own home, by respecting their individual choices and cultural beliefs and encourage a large range of activities that focus on groups. We enjoy the Community and surrounds, and respect all volunteers that donate their individual time.